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Tube Floating – Slow & Fun


For some people, there is not a more enjoyable way to spend the lazy days of summer than floating down the river on an inner tube.  Tube floating is a great way to stay cool in the heat of the sun and see some great, picturesque scenery and wildlife at the same time.  With a bit of effort and planning, you can find out the joys and fun to be had from riding an inner tube down the river and make the most of your float experience.

When you go on a float trip, it is important to go with a group or take a few friends along, for safety reasons, as much as for added company and enjoyment.  If you have too many people, you might not have as much time to incorporate the things you want to do, so try to limit yourself to just a few people.  There are things you will need to take on a float trip so get a bag ready and pack the following; snacks, sunscreen, larger inner tubes, a cooler with ice and drinks, life jackets, water shoes, sunglasses, money, mesh bag for trash, and an ID and you are all ready to go.

Amy Floats the BlackfootYou can either take your own tubes or you can rent some, if the site has an outfitter.  An outfitter will have all your equipment needed for the inner tube float and will arrange for a launch point and pick you and your companions up, at the end of your float.  Pick out a river you would like to float on and scope out the lay of the land, you want to know the terrain and if there is any private property located along the route, which you will want to avoid.

Once you have picked your location to float, remember to never take glass on the river and to bring drinks in cans or plastic bottles and to store these in a hard plastic cooler along, not one made of styrofoam, which may harm wildlife.  Wear a hat and sunglasses, but do not take any keys unless tied to your shorts/pants or swimsuit.  Keys can become lost and once on the bottom of the river are impossible to find, so leave them behind if at all possible.  Bring along a bungee cord to loop the inner tubes together before you and your group get into the water and connect in a circle around the cooler tube, so people have access to cool drinks while floating down the river.

Floating down the river in a tube can be an excellent way to enjoy all the natural beauty offered by the surroundings.  If you enjoy tubing, you can purchase your own tubes which should be 20-inches or larger, from the local tire or tire repair store.  Bring along a waterproof camera, keep yourself well hydrated and find out how much fun it is to float down the river on an inner tube.


Will Hanke is a float trip fanatic and an Amazon bestselling author. He owns Red Canoe Media, an Internet marketing agency south of St. Louis. When he's not geeking out, he's probably on the river in, yes, a red canoe.

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  1. Dogs like tubing too. http://lefteyestories.com/2010/07/19/hot-days-and-dog-days-in-the-ozarks/

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