Springtime Camping Tips

Spring is a time of rebirth, renewal and the promise of fun for people that enjoy camping and fishing. However, because of the tremendous variances in weather conditions and temperatures, it can make camping outdoors something which requires pre-planning in order to make the best of sudden weather changes and still being able to enjoy the experience as much as possible. Your camping supplies have spent the past six to ten months being in storage, which means you need to check things out and taking care of any potential problems, before hitting the campgrounds.

Why You Should NOT Bring Firewood on a Float Trip

Most camp sites now provide firewood for campers which makes it a lot easier. This will help them know the wood is safe for you and for the environment. They can be sure the wood is clean and free of any bugs. The emerald ash beetle is one concern right now so a lot of places are not allowing people to bring in their own wood. This is their way of doing damage control to prevent any problems. You will want to make sure you bring extra money to purchase their wood. (related: What to Bring on a Float Trip)