How Not to Contribute to Stream Bank Erosion While Canoeing

As stewards of Missouri’s water and soil, canoe fans can take care not to add pressure or problems to fragile waterways and environments they enjoy using. Following are tips about how to not inadvertently damage waterways during canoe trips.

Missouri’s waterways still face erosion challenges that began more than a century ago. In the 1930s, Americans realized how devastating soil erosion could be as the Dust Bowl swept across the nation, relocating an estimated 300 million tons of soil. According to Department of Natural Resources statistics, Missouri had the highest rate of erosion in the United States, which led to the creation of the Missouri Soil and Water Conservation Districts in 1943. In 1982, Missouri was still losing soil at a rate of 10.8 tons per acre each year on cultivated cropland. Landowner voluntary efforts and structured cost-share conservation programs collectively have helped to slow erosion across the state since that time.

Sharing Your Love of the Great Outdoors for Valentine’s Day

Couples in Missouri have many miles of rivers to choose to make a float trip on in the beautiful Ozarks. For couples that love the great outdoors and find nature to be revitalizing and refreshing, Valentine’s Day float trips are fast becoming one of the most popular presents. A floating day trip combined with a peaceful night under the stars together will woo your sweetheart.

4 Scenic Drives to Take in Missouri

Summer can mean different things to different people. For some it’s the beach, for others it is long days and short nights. But for us, it usually means that yearly summer road trip. The road trip can be a source of good fun, however, if not done correctly, it can be a long and torturous nightmare. Unfortunately most people believe that the only way to fix this is to plan numerous stops in order to get out of the car as much as possible. While doing that helps, sometimes the best method is to make the drive longer. Here is a list of 4 of the best scenic drives you can take when visiting the state of Missouri.