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Finding the Perfect Jello Shot Recipe


There are so many varieties and recipes for creating the ultimate jell-o shot. Many avid floaters have taken the time to try and found the recipe that best fits their taste buds. Whether you are looking for an alcoholic or virgin jell-o shot, the recipe is out there for you.

The first obvious choice when creating recipes is the jell-o. You can find a wide variety of flavors in jell-o, and everyone has their favorite. This is a list of the common flavors used to make jell-o shots; Blue Raspberry, Lime, Lemon lime, Orange, strawberry daiquiri, and margarita are some great tested flavors to go in jell-o shots. There are also a lot of common flavors that seem to suit jell-o shot lovers as well, such as Cherry, Strawberry, watermelon and Grape. That is just a few of the many, many types of jell-o flavors out there so everyone can find the one they like the best.
If you are looking for the perfect alcohol, with the perfect flavor, to go along with your favorite jell-o, there are a few to mention that are popular choices. They are: Raspberry Vodka, Apple Vodka, Vanilla Vodka.

River FloatSome people prefer to use tequila or Jagermeister as well. The type and flavor you choose to use will all depend on your taste and what you like. The best advice is to follow your taste buds and try different types and flavors until you find the one you like the best. You may even find that you find way more than one favorite. The possibilities are endless because as many of us know the amount of flavors that jell-o can come in seems to be endless as well.

There are also many recipes you can try if you are looking for the non alcoholic version of a jell-o shot. Many people have tried different types of soda flavors to create unique flavor variations. There are also many recipes where you simply combine different flavors of jell-o to create unique jell-o shot flavors. Ginger ale is also used to make a delicious and simple jell-o shot. Vanilla ice-cream can be used in place of the cold liquid when making orange jell-o to create and amazing orange cream jell-o shot. There are so many recipes that can create a great tasting jell-o shot, without the after effects of alcohol, still with the fun that seems to come with enjoying a jell-o shot.

The thing to remember when planning to make jell-o shots is to just be creative and have fun with it. The greatest recipes are found when just adding different flavors together to create a flavor as unique as you want it to be. Jell-o shots are great fun at any party or gathering and can be made very simple for all ages.

Have you created the Perfect Jello Shot? Share your recipe with us!


Will Hanke is a float trip fanatic and an Amazon bestselling author. He owns Red Canoe Media, an Internet marketing agency south of St. Louis. When he's not geeking out, he's probably on the river in, yes, a red canoe.


  1. http://www.floatmissouri.com/plan/float-trip-laws/

    Why discuss jello-shots on a floating forum, they not allowed according to your website?


  2. Hi Jeff, while jello shots are not allowed on most of Missouri’s rivers, there’s no reason you can’t take them with you to the campground. Since most floaters spend the night before and after, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy them.

  3. Why do you show a picture of FLOATERS with jello-shots? Uh..ummm…could it be because you are promoting floating and jello-shots, but saying something different in print?

  4. Lacy, we do not promote the use of illegal drinks on any of Missouri’s rivers. However when we took a boat ride up the Current last week, we saw many of those plastic cups that people put their shots in floating downstream. Yes, it’s illegal, and yes, people still do it.

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