Best Exercises for Paddlers: Workouts for Before & During Floating

Rowing, canoeing and kayaking require upper body and core strength, along with some amount of endurance. With a little planning, preparing physically for your next watercraft outing, or deliberately maximizing the amount of exercise you get while on water-themed trips, can be achieved as well as be rewarding.

When in doubt, work with a personal trainer or canoe/kayak club coach to establish a customized training program.

The Perfect Canned Beers for Your Float Trip

Missouri has a few restrictions when you are setting out on a phenomenal float trip down one of the many streams and rivers with friends, family or that one special person in your life. Glass containers and bottles of any type or size are not permitted near or on waterways in Missouri. In addition, you must carry your beverages in a cooler that fastens shut and is not made of foam. Due to the popularity of float trips, these few restrictions keep the waterways clean and make certain that the banks don’t have broken glass on them, which could really ruin a trip when stepped on.

Sharing Your Love of the Great Outdoors for Valentine’s Day

Couples in Missouri have many miles of rivers to choose to make a float trip on in the beautiful Ozarks. For couples that love the great outdoors and find nature to be revitalizing and refreshing, Valentine’s Day float trips are fast becoming one of the most popular presents. A floating day trip combined with a peaceful night under the stars together will woo your sweetheart.

10 Missouri Parks Perfect for Shutterbugs

Among Missouri’s 57 state parks, there are so many natural wonders, you can’t go wrong when selecting parks at which to snap photos of landscapes, wildlife or people enjoying outside discoveries. The following list of select Missouri parks outlines a variety of photography adventures designed to yield an overall maze of fun-filled outdoor shots for photo amateurs and professionals, alike.

The Meramec River Mystery Door

If you’ve ever been floating down the Meramec river, there’s something that you may have missed. Relaxing in your canoe by yourself or drifting down the river with your family, there has been something in plain site that you might have not ever seen before. Want to know what it is?

Well, we recently discovered a door on the river. This door is located downstream from the Arnold Park railroad trusses, upstream from Telegraph road.

No house connected to the door, just the frame.  So what could be down the stairs, if there are any, in this door? Here are the ideas that some people have suggested this door could have been used for.

The Float Trip We Named ‘The Massacre’

My love of float trips began my senior year in high school. I really wasn’t into “roughing it,” but my buddies and I were really into have a guys’ weekend that involved music, some under-age drinking, and, yes, getting into canoes and floating. And this was the start of what came to be known as the “Massacre.”

We all went off to different colleges, but vowed that our annual float trip would continue every summer, and it did. But we made new friends in college, and so we began to invite them to be a part of the event, if they could make it to Missouri on the planned weekend.

Many of them did. In fact, they liked it so much they became a part of the group, and we were now making reservations in campgrounds that had gone from the original 5 to about 30, by the time we all graduated. This was when we decided to name our event and the “Massacre” seemed only fitting, considering what we did to our bodies in the space of 3 days – too much drinking, too much sun, crap food, bug bites, and the occasional poison ivy. Still we vowed to continue on.

Ozark Mountains Outhouse

The following post is by guest author Rolland Love.  His website, includes many more of his writings and an ebook of fishing stories from the Ozarks.  You can find all of Rolland’s books at his Amazon store.

When I thought I had told all of the stories I wanted to tell I remembered the outhouse. A structure sometimes called a privy, which everybody in the Ozarks had at least one of before indoor plumbing and electricity came along.

river flood hazard

Rain Rain Go Away – River Flooding Hazards

​You’re all ready to go on the float trip you’ve had scheduled for months, but there’s just one problem – the river is flooded! That might not mean anything to you now, but knowing what hazards can come from one day of floating on a flooded river with high water levels might make you second guess and reschedule your float trip.

Here are four of the major problems when it comes to flooded rivers and how they can affect you and other floaters.