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Reasons To Take A Raft On Your First Float Trip

Rafting on Missouri's Rivers

There are many people who enjoy packing up their families over the summertime and heading out for a float trip on their local river or lakes. If you are a first time floater however, you may find that you enjoy taking a raft versus a canoe for your first trip. Rafts offer many advantages over a canoe for a person who is not adept at the art of floating.

Rafting on Missouri's RiversWhen making arrangements to go on a float trip there are many details that need to be addressed, but the first one is what method of river or lake transport is going to be used and how many people will be accompanying you on your trip. If you are taking a large group of people with you and plan on camping overnight or the weekend, then you will want a larger transport than a canoe would offer. By choosing a raft, you can take up to eight other people, as well as all the supplies needed and it would allow the group to travel together saving time and money.

Rather than renting or purchasing two or more canoes, you can pile everyone and everything you needed onto one raft. Rafts are great for those opportunities to really enjoy a leisurely float down the river and taking in nature and the scenery. Canoes are much faster, but rafts allow for a slower more relaxing pace and a smoother ride.

The premise of operating a raft is much the same as that of a canoe, in that it requires using human power to work the paddles. However, a raft is a better choice for large groups because it allows people to change out paddling responsibilities if another person becomes fatigued. This helps because you aren’t constantly stopping and starting the trip because people may need to take a rest break to regain energy and momentum.

Just as when operating a canoe, you would do best to take a guide or experienced floater along with you to teach you the basics of floating and paddling. If you take a larger group of people along with you, it will make your first float trip a more confident experience for you. If you are feeling apprehensive or nervous having others around you with more experience will allow you to enjoy your trip.

You will need to have adequate training prior to setting out on a float trip and if you choose to learn by using a raft, it will make the transition to using a canoe that much easier. A raft is a much steadier and stable vehicle to use and will allow you to feel safer when learning how to row and maneuver. These are just yet another couple of examples as to why a raft would be a better choice when taking your first float trip.

When using a raft it is also important to point out the advantage of using teamwork. It takes more than one person to operate a raft and this teaches people how to pull together and communicate effectively to the benefit of a group. This is another great lesson that people need to learn in order to become an experienced floater.

No matter what though, choosing a float trip is a great adventure for a family or group of friends. You get to experience nature at its finest and enjoy the great outdoors. It’s a way to get fresh air, exercise and enjoyment all packed into one outing.


Will Hanke is a float trip fanatic and an Amazon bestselling author. He owns Red Canoe Media, an Internet marketing agency south of St. Louis. When he's not geeking out, he's probably on the river in, yes, a red canoe.

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