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New Float Trip Outfitter Opens to Dismay of Many

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Rolla MO – For Immediate Release

When three college buddies took a float trip in the fall of 2012, they were asked to leave the campground before they had even full unpacked  – because they were naked. The three men and their wives are part of a growing movement to “enjoy nature, naturally“.   Since then, the three pals have been plotting revenge, and boy have they come up with something interesting.

Three Friends, Inc. from Rolla announced today that they’ve opened a new float trip resort located on Beaver Creek.  The recently developed 69 acre resort and campground is taking reservations from, well, certain individuals.  Many in the town and nearby areas are concerned about what this new outfitter brings to the area, while others praise their boldness.

Canoe naked

Rear window of a staff truck at Beaver Creek Playground & Resort

The new resort, named Beaver Creek Playground & Resort, officially opens May 21 but is already booked solid through the second week in July.  The phones are ringing regularly and it won’t be long before their entire summer is booked full.  The resort boasts nearly a mile of private riverfront camping,  three restaurants and a community shower/restroom area.

“This isn’t you average float trip resort,” says owner Peter Long. “Our clientele will appreciate spectacular beauty both on and off the river.”

Yes, it’s a nudist outfitter – the only one legally licensed in Missouri.

A Different Kind of Float Trip

Along with boasting a clothing-optional campground, the clientele can also enjoy lunch and dinner from several tongue-in-cheek restaurants such as Tastes Like Chicken – a friend chicken option with – of course – only breast, thighs, and legs available for consumption.  There’s also the Landing Strip – a quick on-the-go food option with an aeronautical theme that includes tuna sandwiches and footlong sausages.

For most, however, the real fun comes on Saturday mornings when the resort starts up the buses and ushers them all four miles north to Mound City where they are all dropped off with their canoes, kayaks and rafts to enjoy a six mile float back down Beaver Creek to the campground – a stretch of water that is rarely floated by others.  This near-total seclusion leads to some crazy scenes on and off the water.

P1020351“It’s a great way to meet new friends and just enjoy your freedom as an American,” says resort patron Tony Venducci. “We’ve booked three weekends with friends already this year.”

For those that are not too worn out from the float, the resort also caters an event on Saturday evening that includes mud wrestling, naked karaoke and a ‘Best Non-Tan Lines’ contest.  There is, of course, plenty of liquor and BBQ to go ’round.

Not Everyone Happy

Town officials, however, aren’t so ecstatic. Several have already scheduled protests outside the resort gates on May 21 when the outfitter officially opens for business.

“We don’t want to see this kind of exposure on our rivers, nor in our neighborhood!” says Sister Peggy Gitnun. “This place needs to be shut down before it gets out of hand.”

Several city council members are also upset about the announcement, citing that they weren’t told about the nudity during the business permit process.  Three council members have already filed a joint bill to get the resorts license revoked.

Floating Gains Popularity

Despite being a very local and seasonal occurrence, float trips in Missouri continue to drive the economy of many small towns throughout the state.  Many out-of-state visitors are exposed to floating for the first time during their summers passing through our state.  Without the summer floating season, many towns would have a hard time staying afloat, you could say.

Like it or not, the new nudist resort will bring more money to the local economy, and that’s one thing no one will complain about.

If you’d like to book your weekend at the new Beaver Creek Playground & Resort, you can call them Monday through Saturday toll-free at 1-888-FBEAVER.

And when you’re packing to go, remember – beads are optional.


Will Hanke is a float trip fanatic and an Amazon bestselling author. He owns Red Canoe Media, an Internet marketing agency south of St. Louis. When he's not geeking out, he's probably on the river in, yes, a red canoe.


  1. I hope they have age limit requirements, I would say to each their own however this will encourage a lot of behavior that will upset many. I hope that there float doesn’t interfere with others who enjoy bringing their families and children along. Have fun and do what you do but respect other people and don’t take way from everyone who enjoys the river. a private environment for people who enjoy letting go may be q good idea. It could make other parts of the river more family friendly … Who knows

  2. As usual, it’s all about the money. Small towns need the money, so let’s do it. I doubt that those who are sans clothing will care or respect those who would prefer to remain in their clothing. Once this get’s started, it won’t be the end. This country is just a downhill spiral. I believe for what these people want, should be a private club. That way, those who prefer to remain clothed wouldn’t be subjected with their families to something they don’t want their children to experience.

  3. I can’t wait to bring my kids. They constantly ask about the birds and the bees and quit frankly I would rather they learn it in a natural environment. Can’t wait till May!

  4. I cant validate this business’ existence. I have lived in the area and made some calls, no one else seems to have heard about them. Further the way this article reads I am starting to think this is a hoax. ‘Peter Long’, ‘Mound City’, ‘ Sister Peggy Gitnun’, etc. Play on words and there is no Mound City in the area. Plus 888 number is to a “Fantasy Talk line” out of Houston Texas (yeah I called). The Beaver Creek is a great place to be I would recommend for to anyone really considering floating this creek to book with Beaver Canoe Rental in Brownbranch, MO. However there is plenty of public access points to shuttle your own. LUV MY BEAVER!

  5. The story says the float is on a section seldom used by others. Seems to me families will not be troubled by this exposed skin. I mean, ordinary weekend floaters are barely clothed! Especially the females. I know a few Naturists and they are not all about debauchery. The bad reputation is not deserved.

  6. This is the most amazing news I’ve heard about MO in a very long time! Good for these guys for putting this together.

    “We don’t want to see this kind of exposure on our rivers, nor in our neighborhood!” says Sister Peggy Gitnun. “This place needs to be shut down before it gets out of hand.”

    Sister Peggy who is “we”? “We” all would like to know. AND Sister Peggy what makes you think that the nudist are just going to walk around your neighborhoods naked? That would be illegal & they would be ticketed or arrested. Sister, people are smarter than that.

    It’s called a resort. Everyone has the right to either stay at this resort or NOT! They have the choice. If one does not feel comfortable seeing nudity then one has the CHOICE not to!
    The article says “private riverfront camping” AND “a stretch of water that is rarely floated by others. This near-total seclusion leads to some crazy scenes on and off the water.”

    In Oregon we have the choice to stop at the clothing required beach or continue down the road to clothing option beach! As a matter of fact the clothing optional beaches are the cleanest of all the beaches, due to the fact that, generally, the people who go there respect nature.

    And as for the comment above, why should there be an age limit? It’s not a bar. Parents who are open enough to go to a nudist community have every right to bring their children with them. I go to the nudist beaches BECAUSE they don’t have as many kids running around like the clothing beaches do but there are some kids at the nude beaches. I can tell you what they aren’t as annoying as the kids on the regular beaches.

    These guys & their resort have every right to do what they are doing because they got the permits to do so! I commend you gentlemen! And this makes moving back to Missouri way more appealing to me. I grew up in Union MO but I left for OR back in 2001 and I have always figured I’d return to MO, because my entire family is there, but I’ve been afraid to because I have grown to be an Oregonian. Where we have compost bins inside our homes, city required, where the trash gets picked up every 2 wks & the compost gets picked up every week, where people full heartedly believe in recycling. Where we buy locally NOT from the big corporations. Call them treehuggers or hippies whatever you like but it’s the way of life for future!
    It’s good to see lost of things in MO changing to achieve the OR way of living. Like I said it makes Missouri more appealing for me and others to decide to move there.
    Good for you!

  7. Some of the commentators might consider looking at the date before they get too upset…

  8. LOL… 69 acre resort on BEAVER CREEK…. with Peter LONG as an owner? The float starts at MOUND City and winds down the beaver….. PROTESTED by Sister Peggy Gitnun?

    Got to hand it to them… it is a CUTE April Fools Article!!

  9. April Fool’s people. Do you really think this article is anything but a joke???

  10. I was always told no nudity on the waterways, how did they get a permit to do so? Floating through another outfitter and you did this then you would go to jail for nudity. I do not think this is very appropriate being there are small children that float the waterways and also just hang out with their parents on gravel bars.

  11. What’s today’s date? Isn’t there a special name for it? Hmm……….. Funny stuff, though.

  12. what is today’s date?

  13. Happy April Fools ; ) Love it.

  14. Ha. April fools, fools.

  15. April Fools!!!

  16. Lol obviously no one tried calling the phone number yet. I reccomended it highly!

  17. People!!!!! this is a HOAX!!!!

  18. Gotta say this is much better than the alcohol limit prank a couple years back. You guys didn’t pull any stops with the names and locations. Welll done. Happy April fools

  19. This is a hoax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Seriously folks??? Did you all forget it’s April fool’s day? Come on now… surely we are all smatter than that..

  21. Today is April , April fools day. Come on people, this is an April fools joke!!!!

  22. Smarter not smatter lol. Although I do have to say it is alarming that so many people appear to (excuse the pun) have their panties in a bunch over the possibility of something like this.


  24. It’s April fools folks….geeez. Missouri Floats played an April fools joke last year too.

  25. Nudists have to have somewhere to go. I think it’s a good idea. I wish there had been something like this years ago.

  26. Well done! BRAVO!!!!! Excellent April Fools Day gag. I’m in awe…..

  27. Great writer. April fools!!!!!!!!!

  28. well done…Excellent prank!! I was only going to sugesst to wear sunscreen:) lol

  29. Can’t wait to let my sausage out of the hammock! Signed up today!

  30. Darn I wish this would have been real. a nude float trip would be awesome too bad this company cant turn this prank into reality. Find a nice secluded river to do a nude float trip on.

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