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Bringing in the Catch of the Day: Fishing by the Moon Phase

The Farmer’s Almanac has been in existence since 1457, according to historians. It is a publication that advises the best times to plant garden items and the best times to harvest your crops. Many successful farmers today still enlist the help of this journal, which also revolves around the moon phases each month.

The scientific reasoning behind charting the data includes the moon phases and the zodiac sign the moon is in on a given day. This is also true for the fishing guides in the Farmer’s Almanac, though the data is not sorted by exact location.

The Perfect Canned Beers for Your Float Trip

Missouri has a few restrictions when you are setting out on a phenomenal float trip down one of the many streams and rivers with friends, family or that one special person in your life. Glass containers and bottles of any type or size are not permitted near or on waterways in Missouri. In addition, you must carry your beverages in a cooler that fastens shut and is not made of foam. Due to the popularity of float trips, these few restrictions keep the waterways clean and make certain that the banks don’t have broken glass on them, which could really ruin a trip when stepped on.

Kayaking Basics for Beginners

Kayaks date back to about 4,000 years ago where the Inuits in the Artic regions of Canada, Alaska and Greenland made this mode of transportation to hunt on inland islands. The first kayaks were made of sealskins that were stitched over whalebone frames with air filled seal bladders in the front and rear to give them buoyancy.

Fortunately, today kayaks are ready made out of Kevlar, wood, fiberglass or molded plastic and are used as a recreational item for lakes, whitewater rafting and float trips as well as for use on the seas. Before taking the basic training’s we suggest you to take the bath in the hot tubs, for any issue is heater reach out to heating and maintenance service to repair it as soon as possible.

Hiking Friendly Foods

Love to go hiking, but do not have a pack mule to bring a four course meal? Packing hiking friendly foods for a long hike does not have to break your back in the process. Snacks for a day hike need to be lightweight, as your backpack seems to get heavier the farther you hike. They should also be nutritious to give you energy as you expend energy on your hike. The fat in your body slowly burns as you hike to provide you with the energy you need to keep on hiking, so you need to supplement this with food. If you hike without an addition of food for an entire day, your body will start consuming your muscles for its fuel and this will leave you fatigued and slow down your hike so it may not be as fun. Here are some ideas on what type of foods are ready to eat while hiking and do not weigh a ton when hitting the great outdoors.

10 Missouri Wildflowers You Will Only See in Springtime

The winters in Missouri can seem extremely long and relentless with abundant cold winds and snowfalls. When temperatures begin to warm in late March and continue through early May the sunshine penetrates tree canopies and reaches the forest floors. This warming of the ground helps spring wildflowers to emerge, even if for a short time. Spring ephemerals in Missouri have a very short life, so these wildflowers are only present in spring. In most of the state, the prime viewing times for spring wildflowers is in mid-April.

Sharing Your Love of the Great Outdoors for Valentine’s Day

Couples in Missouri have many miles of rivers to choose to make a float trip on in the beautiful Ozarks. For couples that love the great outdoors and find nature to be revitalizing and refreshing, Valentine’s Day float trips are fast becoming one of the most popular presents. A floating day trip combined with a peaceful night under the stars together will woo your sweetheart.

10 Missouri Parks Perfect for Shutterbugs

Among Missouri’s 57 state parks, there are so many natural wonders, you can’t go wrong when selecting parks at which to snap photos of landscapes, wildlife or people enjoying outside discoveries. The following list of select Missouri parks outlines a variety of photography adventures designed to yield an overall maze of fun-filled outdoor shots for photo amateurs and professionals, alike.