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Missouri Float Trips

Float trips in Missouri are almost a rite of passage as you’re growing up. Every summer, hundreds of families and friends crowd along the rivers to fish, camp, swim, party and just float. Many people have made it a ritual or tradition to bring everyone to their campsites for summertime fun. There are many activities to do at these locations, and the best part is the low-cost vacation alternative for many families on a budget.

There are many rivers throughout Missouri that attract people primarily for the float trips held there. Popular float trip rivers include the Meramec, Big Piney River, the Current River, and Jacks Fork.

The recommended time for planning a float trip is in June, July and August, combined with the perfect weather, this allows for ideal floating conditions.

A float trip can be planned for as little as three hours and as long as seven days. A person new to floating may want to plan a simple five to seven mile float, while the more adventurous, seasoned floater can go on a float trip lasting as much as seven days. A float trip can be customized to suit the needs of anyone and if you love water, then a float trip would be a great way to get away from it all.

The best thing about float trips in Missouri is that at most locations there is an experienced staff that will assist the newcomers. They assist with a canoe and kayak rental, transport it to the float location, put it in the water and be there waiting for you at the end of the float.

If you ever get a chance to get to Missouri, there are many great floating locations to choose from. You can bring your own canoe and equipment or you can also rent it at a relatively low cost. For many years people from all over the Midwest have flocked to the rivers of Missouri for summer fun and enjoyment.

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